From Store Bought to 'Heartmade'

    Have you ever walked into Target and just wasted your time looking at almost every product they sell? (Trick question-we all have). Well, one day in mid-2015, I had been walking through the soap aisle to buy some of my beloved Dove, as I had been a loyal consumer for YEARS, and picked up a random soap to see what was in it. You see, I had just begun a phase where I had been worried about everything I both put in my body and ON it. I had been watching shocking documentaries on Netflix and decided that I needed a change (I had been making my own body scrubs and lotions for years, so the only thing left was soap..) The ingredients I saw in this soap were scary, to say the least, chemical preservatives, artificial whiteners (bleaches), and other things that I honestly can't even pronounce! It was then I decided to try to learn to make my own soap. 

    I had read book on top of book, spent almost every day watching youtube videos, and read online forums-too many to count, really. After a month of study, I was FINALLY ready to make my own soap. My very first soap was made with chamomile tea, lavender essential oil, shea butter, coconut oil, organic honey and sustainably sourced palm oil. Let's just say it didn't come out as I had planned. See Exhibit A: 

A failed test, if you ask me

Needless to say, my first batch of soap was not....ideal. It was sappy and soft and slightly oozy. However, I did not give up. Determined to rid skin of all the toxins in everyday, random soaps, I kept trying. Every single day, I was in the "Soap Lab" (a corner in my living room), making soap. After about a week of research, I had come up with my own recipe, that answered all of my questions: 1) Is it moisturizing? 2) Is it cleansing? And last, but not least, 3) Can I pronounce all of the ingredients?!

The answer was a resounding hell yes.

   I had made a soap so good, in fact, I had people calling me and begging for more. So, I went to work, making soap for family and friends, and just giving it away. One day, after about 6 months, My Love asked me, "Why don't you start selling your stuff?" Until then, it had never even crossed my mind! Thus, lotusbtr. was born.

   In May 2016, I began selling my handmade body care items: soaps, body butters, and scrubs, and I have a long list of people who order as often as possible (sometimes three times a month!). I began this journey for myself, and have continued it for the countless people who have invested in me and my vision/dream to help children in low-income communities with school expenses, with our Body Care for a Cause movement. I hope to only grow and reach as many people as possible! The stars are the limit for lotusbtr.!






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