Bomb Ass Wednesdays are BACK!

What's Up, Everyone?! (What Up Doe, Detroit?!)
Lotusbtr. Body Care is happy to announce that BOMB ASS WEDNESDAYS are back and BIGGER than ever! 
If you can recall, I've hosted a couple of Bomb Ass Wednesdays, but they were very different than what they will be from now on! Essentially, I went live on Instagram and made bath bombs in front of your faces for an hour (which will still happen from time to time), which was fun, but didn't serve you in any way.
And if it's one thing I'm going to do, it's give back and serve my gang -YOU!
So starting today, October 14, 2020, Lotusbtr. will be running flash sales on one random bath bomb every Wednesday until midnight!
How it works: 
-Every Wednesday, you'll find a 'Bomb Ass Wednesday' post on our official Instagram page! From there, a link to that day's sale will go live, all you'll need to do is click! Thassit.
This Wednesday's bath bomb is "Caramel Apple", a sweet blend of tart Granny Smith apples and gooey, buttery caramel! This bath bomb produces foamy bubbles, and like all Lotusbtr. bombs, is super moisturizing! It's a perfect, sweet end to long days!
Caramel Apple Bath Bomb

To purchase today's featured bath bomb, click here!

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